Our Team

We have a Board of Directors that represent post-secondary youth from across the Greater Toronto Area. These youth follow various academic fields including life sciences, finance, management, engineering, computer science and arts.

The Board of Directors are guided by a Board of Trustees that represent adults from various professional backgrounds who are experienced in volunteering and youth work. Most of Trustees are also parents of post-secondary and high school aged youth.

Board of Directors


Zahany Jiffry (University of Waterloo)            President
Nabeel Rushdi (Ryerson University)             Vice President
Sultan Salih (University of Toronto)             Vice President
Hana Zawahid (University of Toronto)            General Secretary
Rehaab Rifdi (University of Western Ontario)           Treasurer
Hana Zawahid (University of Toronto)           Director – Adventure
Sanzir Hashim (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)            Director – Adventure
Ahmed Madeenam (Ryerson University)           Director – Adventure
Husniya Naushad (University of Toronto)           Director – Community
Ibrahim Aziz (University of Toronto)           Director – Community
Aasif Deen (University of Toronto)           Director – Discovery
Aamer Sulaiman (Ryerson University)           Director – Discovery
Thaanish Rizvi (University of Ottawa)           Director – Media & PR


Board of Trustees

Ashfaque Nalim Founder/Trustee, Adviser for Duke of Ed
Rimzy Kuthubdeen Founder/Trustee, Adviser for Media & PR
Imtiaz Jaleel Founder/Trustee, Adviser for Discovery
Rushdi Barakathulla Trustee, Adviser for Adventure & Community
Ameera Rushdi Trustee, Adviser for Community & Scholarships
Fathiya Nalim Trustee, Adviser for Discovery & Toastmasters
Yunus Hassen Youth Trustee, Adviser for Discovery
Althaf Abdeen Youth Trustee, Adviser for Adventure
Adeel Fareed Youth Trustee, Adviser for Community