Scholarships for Excellence

Serendib Youth Canada created the “Scholarships for Excellence” program in 2015.
Since 2015, we have awarded 21,500.00 Canadian Dollars as Scholarships to 27 applicants .

SYC’s Scholarships for Excellence program is to encourage and recognize high achievers in post-secondary education. This is not a need based scholarship program.
These scholarships are open to undergraduate/graduate students pursuing any field of study.

Each Scholarship awarded is worth up to $1000.

SYC would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following foundations for supporting our Scholarships for Excellence program.

  • The Mohamed Foundation
  • Rosie Bari Memorial Foundation
  • E-Sa Foundation
  • Khadija Umma Memorial Foundation
  • Zahirdeen & Farzana Rajudeen Family Foundation
  • Canadians for Sri Lankan Minorities (C4SLM) Foundation

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Allam Rushdi – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Zainab Alavi – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Aaqilah Razie –  Rosie Bari Memorial Scholarship

Sara Zawahid – E-Sa Foundation

Shakir Rimzy –  E-Sa Foundation

Umar Azhar – Khadija Umma Memorial Scholarship

Shiraz Nawaz – Zahirdeen & Farzana Family Foundation Scholarship

Nabeela Marzook – Canadians for Sri Lankan Minorities (C4SLM) Scholarship and Internship

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Hana Ayoob khan – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Hifza Buhari – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Ibrahim Aziz – E-Sa Foundation Scholarship

Safaa Deen – Rosie Bari Memorial Scholarship

Ahmed Madeenam – Khadija Umma Memorial Scholarship

Faizan Fareez – Khadeeja Umma Memorial Scholarship

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Aniqah Zowmi – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Faiha Fareez – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Husni Fareed – E-Sa Foundation Scholarship

Aamir Aboosally – Rosie Bari Memorial Scholarship

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Roshan Naufal – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Althaf Azward – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Bushra Zaheer – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Raadhiya Zowmi – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Amra Mujithaba – Rosie Bari Memorial Scholarship

Yahya Deen – Rosie Bari Memorial Scholarship

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Sabeeha Ishaque – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Ameera Seiyad – Mohamed Foundation Scholarship

Tharif Faizal – Rosie Bari Memorial Scholarship